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Let's Support Local & Independent Roasters

Filtered Coffee

Our Brands

We're proud to offer a range of products from companies across the UK and Ireland, all of which are experts in their areas. To learn more about a brand, just click its name!

Our Origins

Castle Coffee is an unique online marketplace.  We offer speciality coffee direct from independent coffee roasters to coffee enthusiasts in the comfort of their own homes and offices.

We strive to offer products carefully selected which hold a great ethos and quality. 

When partnering with an independent roaster we look for traceability and sustainability throughout the roasting process. This process ranges from the coffee farmer to your cup.

 Showcasing a continuous variety of fantastic tasting coffee along with providing quality coffee equipment is what we are all about.  Our aim is to have a wide ranging selection that will fit any budget without compromising on quality.


 Check out our roasters and products to get your barista bar coffee experience wherever you are!


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