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Cloud Gate Coffee

For the love of coffee

Our belief is that every cup of coffee should be outstanding and that no matter your budget or location, you should be able to enjoy a brew that is better than the average high street mediocrity. Nobody sets out in life to be average, so why settle for less than great coffee?

Pouring Coffee into Filter

As a small batch coffee roaster we are able to adapt our offering to our customer base large and small.

From humble origins in Bradford City Centre, in 2019 Cloud gate Coffee relocated to a beautiful former Wood Mill on the edge of Haworth West Yorkshire. Now with room to breathe, our master roasters spend their time perfecting their craft and revolutionising the coffee roasting and distribution industry.


With a top of the range coffee tasting and brew centre, our roastery allows us to perfect every detail of your cup of coffee. From farm, to roast, to cup

Coffee on Table
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