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Cold Coffee

Dennistoun Coffee Roasters

We are a small independent coffee roasting company based in Dennistoun, Glasgow. Dedicated to providing freshly roasted, organic, specialty grade coffee.


Our coffee is roasted to order in small batches and dispatched the following day. This allows us to take great care and pay close attention to each roast, so that we can produce consistently developed coffee and unlock the flavour profile each of our coffee's have to offer.

As a small batch coffee roaster we are able to adapt our offering to our customer base large and small.

We are constantly cupping our roasted beans to make sure we get the best flavour profile from each batch. All of our coffee is roasted light or medium depending on the coffee, to retain characteristics of the region but also bring out the sweet flavours during the roast development to result in a well balanced cup.

We have carefully selected green bean suppliers and work closely with them to ensure that we keep providing exceptional coffee from around the world. Our suppliers have ethics, transparency & traceability at their core, and have built solid relationships with their partner farmers whilst also being involved in harvesting & seeing out the whole process, knowing exactly every stage the coffee has went through and who was involved.

We send our 250g fully recyclable coffee bags via first class post in specially designed shopping envelopes that fit through your letterbox. We believe that most freshly roasted coffee require several days and can even take up to 2 weeks for full development. So it’s important we get your coffee to you when it's at its peak.

All of the beans we buy are from the most recent crop so that we can provide you with the freshest coffee possible. Everything we source is grown organically at high altitudes without the use of pesticides and fertilizers.

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