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Perhaus Coffee

We are Pearhaus coffee, established in 2020 with a passion for roasting high quality, sustainable and ethically sourced coffee. We are Husband and Wife, based in Poole near the beautiful beaches of Dorset.


All of our coffee is specialty graded and sourced from our hard working farmers who have a care for their high quality coffee.


We roast in small batches using 'Stella', our 5kg roaster at our Pearhaus micro roastery. Each batch is hand roasted, quality checked and tried and tested to ensure we only bring you our best 100% Arabica specialty coffee.


The world is changing and people are becoming more aware of the environment and the impact we all have on our planet. We have a passion for coffee and the environment and wanted to help shape the coffee industry for the better. Finding ways to be more ecofriendly through every day changes will make a difference, and at Pearhaus coffee, this is at the forefront of our values. Our packaging is fully recyclable and certified carbon neutral and our labels are made from recycled paper. You can learn more about our ethos on our sustainability page.


We want to bring balance to the coffee industry and improve the environment and sustainability at every point of the supply chain.

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