8oz Huskee Cup

Our slightly larger HuskeeCup - 8oz or approx. 230ml - perfect for your favourite latte!


Benefits of the Huskee cup

  • Keeps your coffee hotter for longer due to unique thermal properties

  • Comfortable to hold, and the smart design means your hands are protected from the heat (no need for a cardboard or rubber sleeve)

  • Dishwasher safe and durable – designed to last for years even in busy café environments  

  • Eye catching and stylish design


Repurposes waste material

  • Huskee cups feature coffee husk as a raw ingredient – a natural byproduct of the coffee production process. Using this material makes the production of Huskee cups sustainable.

  • If you purchase a Huskee cup you are helping to recycle vast amounts of this waste material.


Versatility in mind

  • Whether you are using the cups in a café, at home or on the go we have you covered with the universal saucers and lids – one size fits all!

8oz Huskee Cup