Aero Mug

The Story of the Aero Mug;


Paulina has over 7 years of experience in speciality coffee industry. In 2017 she was crowned as a World Aeropress Champion and was a first woman to win this award. After achieving this goal she decided to find another one. It took some soul-searching but she finally found pottery. She always felt this artistic streak in her and finally she was able to develop her true potential. She has been throwing on the pottery wheel for nearly 2 years and has been absolutely in love with it. She can't imagine her life without it and she is thrilled to learn more! She has created a business called Miczka Ceramicsand her passion and excitement for pottery engage lots of people.


Watch this space for a special Aeropress Receipy as well!

*(AeroPress in image not included).

Aero Mug

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