SCA score 85


Notes: Caramel, honey, nutmeg, orange, brown sugar, roasted hazelnuts and round body


Producer: 72 small-scale coffee growers, members of Grupo Asociativo de Café Especial de Tarqui

Varieties: Caturra, Colombia


"El Paraíso" translates to "Paradise" and it perfectly defines and describes this region. Tarqui's diverse flora and fauna leads to the area often being referred to in this way by the local community. Given the fantastic coffees grown here, this makes perfect sense. El Paraíso comes from various small growers located in the region of Tarqui in the department of Huila.


Their average farm size is only around 3 hectares per grower. This group is a great example of smallholders working together as a team to produce high quality coffee.


Farmers use traditional methods to wash and dry their coffee on their own farms. Tarqui is well-known for its high-quality coffee and distinctive topography.


Processing method: Fully washed and fermented for 26 hours.


Drying method: Sun and air-dried parabolic patios and raised beds.