Brazil Sitio Nossa

Roasted for filter: Best enjoyed as a pour over, without milk, to allow the subtleties of the light roast to emerge.


Sitio Nossa is a fantastic tasting microlot from Coopfam! Taste sweet notes of Almond, Sable Grape and Muscovado Sugar


Originating from farmer Conceição Rodrigues da Costa Couto who managed to win second place in local Coopfam quality competition last year (with this lot).


A couple of years ago Conceição decided to join Coopfam’s program for specialty coffee processing and this was the first year where his efforts managed to bring him amazing results. For us it is very rewarding to see new producers achieving amazing results with their microlot production. Success stories like this one confirms that production of high-end specialty coffees comes from knowledge, hard work and attention to detail as opposed to big investments and wealthy farms.


The farm is named after famous clay statue of Blessed Virgin Mary, considered to be the principal patroness of Brazil. This name is not uncommon in Brazil and coincides with some bigger coffee farms.



After hand picking the cherries, they get spread out in a thin layer on a drying patio no more than one cherry deep. After two days of drying the layer of cherries gets doubled up to slow down drying slightly.


Overnight the coffee gets stacked into ‘volcanoes’ to protect it from moisture and temperature fluctuations. The total drying time is 15 days.


  • Region: Poco Fundo
  • Variety: Catuai
  • Process: Natural
  • Altitude: 1085 masl
  • Aroma: Cocoa
  • Acidity/Body: Medium/Medium

Brazil Sitio Nossa

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