Glass Water Bottles

Neon Kactus Glass Water Bottles are blown from the highest quality borosilicate glass.


All materials are 100% BPA free and fully recyclable guaranteeing a pure drinking experience.


Key Features;


- High quality borosilicate glass

- Food grade silicone sleeve & bamboo lid

- Fully leakproof screw top lid

- Lightweight and durable

- All materials 100% recyclable & BPA free

- Dishwasher safe


Reasons to Choose;


Pure - Made from non-permeable, high quality brosilicate glass.


Design - Lightweight, robust and durable.


Stylish - Unique textured anti -slip grip and fully leakproof bamaboo lid.


Recycable - Glass bottles use only BPA free and Fully Recycable materials allowing you to ditch the disposable and create a better tomorrow. 

Glass Water Bottles