Farm information

Method - Pulped Natural

Producer - Ricardo Barbosa, Virgulino Muniz & Osvaldo Bachião

Region - Minas Gerais, Cabo Verde Mountain Range

Varietal - Catuai, Mondo Novo & Acaiá

Elevation - 1,120 – 1,600 masl


Stronghold is our celebration of the incredible coffees that we source from Brazil and the long-standing direct trade partners that we work with there. Our roast profile for Stronghold creates a darker, more traditional roast than our other blends.

To build this blend we drew on three of our trusted long-term partners. Ricardo Barbosa is our go-to when we want to add bass toned richness. For dark sugar sweetness and chocolate notes we then look to Virgulino Muniz’ crops. São João – courtesy of Osvaldo Bachião – completes the blend with an added layer of complexity. This coffee is clean and sweet with flavours of dark sugar and chocolate. Stronghold is built to please those that want a simple, easy and intense cup. A coffee that is sweet but with no acidity. We hope you enjoy it. 



Espresso: 1:2 coffee to water, extracted in 28-32 secs