Tanzania Majinja Estate

Our first Single Origin. A bright and lively acidity coffee with notes of Apple juice, orange peel, butterscotch, caramel and a hint of dark chocolate.


An AA grade single-origin from Tanzania Majinja Farmer Estates. Grown between 1600 and 1700msal and wet-processed for a lovely bright and light flavour. 



V60. the convenience, flexibility and overall taste make the V60 our preferred way to brew this coffee. We use a 1:15 coffee to water ratio, that's 16 grams of water per gram of coffee. So for example, if you're using 40g of dry coffee you should add a total of 600g of water to the brew.


Our V60 recipe looks like this: 

  • Grind 40g of coffee to a medium setting
  • Rinse the paper filter with hot water
  • Throw in the coffee and start the timer
  • Add 80g of water. Stir and let it bloom for 45 seconds
  • Slowly add the remaining 520g of water and let it filter through
  • Sit back, sip, and enjoy

Adjust the grind as necessary so that the total brew time is around 4 minutes. If you'd like a pro tip... let it cool down a bit, the flavours in this coffee are bit shy and take a bit to fully develop but once they do it's like drinking a different cup of coffee!.

Tanzania Majinja Estate