Our Roasters

From here, you can browse Northern & Southern Ireland's independent coffee roasters that we showcase and learn a little more about each one.

Look our for more roasters in future; our list is always growing!



Our desire is to craft world-class coffee experiences that honour the skilled labour of our farming partners across the globe with dignity and fairness.

Belfast Coffee Roasters

We roast in small batches to deliver the distinct flavours in each coffee. We strive to produce high quality, freshly roasted coffee beans.


Carrow Coffee Roasters

We constantly strive to source the best sustainably-grown beans from small-scale farmers, and then use our roasting expertise to maximize their flavour in the cup. We favour light to medium roasts that allow a bean’s intrinsic flavour to shine through. 



"Powered by the perfect blend of passion, precision, curiosity and caffeine, the Origin Roastery is where knowledge and instinct unite."


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